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1 year ago

Ladakh Festival

Ladakh("land of high passes") is located in Jammu Kashmir, India. A Large Percentage of people including Indo-Aryan and Tibet. There culture are based on Tibet. 
Almost half percentage of population is  Shia Muslims and rest of population is Tibetan Buddhism. It is renowned of its beautiful mountain and culture, first preference of international tourists. Every Year Ladakh festival is celebrated in Leh on 1st to 15th September. 
This festival is celebrating 15 days with culture programes by monk from the monasteries. Singers, Artist and Dance participate in the festival and perform in festival.The main attraction  of this program are polo, Archery and Mask Dance, which is performed by monks from the monasteries. 
This festival brings happiness and joy in the life, simultaneously displaying an artistic display and connecting to people. Really Ladakh festival is not attracted to people but is attracted to International Tourists.  

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1 year ago

India Tour Packages

India is a beautiful country and There are various travel and adventurous place. Which attract to national  and international people. India tourism is economically growing and it generates the high revenue. Every year international tourists coming to India and this percentage is increasing continuously. India Heritage make strong to Indian Culture and keep away from discrimination and creating a path to spreading love.  

India Tour Packages are following:
1.Karnataka Heritage
2. Leh-Ladakh Adventure
3.South Indian Temple
4.Incredible India
5.Mini Rajasthan
6.North India Culture
7. Frost and Tigers
8.Classic Golden Triangle 
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1 year ago

Upcoming Events in India

India is a growing country. there are mutiple reglious like hindu muslim sikh christan and live with love and joy. They have equal rights to say their thinking. Hinduism buddhism jainism and sikhism are birthplace in india. there are so many religious events and these are celebrated with enthausim and joy. These events are following:

1. Onam Festival on 28 August Kerala
2. Ladakh Festival on 1st September Ladakh
3. Ganesh Chaturthi on 17 September on Maharashtra
4. Indian Badminton LeagueS September to October
5. Durga Purja Celebration 20th October Kolkata
6. Rajasthan Folk Festival on 8th October Rajasthan
7. Pushkar Camel Fair 0n 19th Nov Rajasthan
8. Sonepur Cattle Fair 21th Nov Bhiar
9. Ganga Mahostav on 22 Nov Varanasi
10.Baghesur on 28th November Bandhavgarh
11. Rann Mahostav on 14 December Gurjart
12. Chennai Music Festival on 15 Dec Tamil Nadu
13. Shilpgram Art & Craft Fair on 21 Dec Rajastan
14 Goa Sunburn Festival on 27th Dec Goa
15 Hot-Air-Balloon Festival on Dec Karnataka

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1 year ago

Ganga Mahostav 2015

Ganga Mahostav 2015 is celebrated in Varanasi on 22nd to 24th November 2015. It is interacting to tourists in varanasi. It spreads the  message of faith and culture to all over world. It is started on Prabodhani Ekadashi to Kartik Porrima on October and November.
In this festival there are so activites like as culture programme, arts and crafts fair. Festival night all devotee from local village and across the country gather in the ganga ghat for watching the aarti.This festival provides the lightness in the life and ganga ghat decorates the light and colors. people comes with their to see the fair and take the enjoyment and buying.people and foreign people take the bath ganaga ghat in the early morning. It is perception that those take bath early in the morning.
 They free from death and life.Really Ganga Mahostav has its own importance for Hindu.A coincident is that Diwali comes on 
this last day festival.  It showcase the culture of Varanasi. Social Worker and Government manage the each and everything for this festival and provide the facilities.

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1 year ago

Adventure Tour In India

Adventure tour is a part of travel in which including travel risk and requiring physical activeness. It has full of thrill. It is growing in India day by day. People are seeking different type tour for vacation.Young generation like to adventure tour and it is good sign for our young generation and which fact is being too strong. People are training for adventure from experts. Different type of adventure tour in India. These are following:

1. Galacier Tour Adventure in India: This adventure tour in himalaya.It provides the full thrill and enjoyment.
2. Rock Climbing Tour Adventure in India: this adventure tour is Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra, Shey Rock in Kashmir, Paithamala in Kerala and Madhugir, Badami & Hampi in Karnataka. 
3.River Rafting Tour Adventure in India: river rafting is most popular tour advenuter in india.It is in  Ganga at Rishikesh, Mandakini at Chandrapuri-Rudraprayag, Bhagirathi at Harsil and river Kithu Kakathu at Barapole.
4. Paraglading Tour Adventure in India: paragliding tour advenuter is in  Solang, Lahul, Spiti, Billing & Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, Nainital, Dhanolti in Uttarakhand, Matheran in Maharashtra and Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu. It provides the enjoyment and physically activeness.
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1 year ago

Pushkar Fair 2015

Pushkar Camel Fair 2015 is held in the town of Puskhar in Rajasthan. It is a biggest and world famous camel fair.  It is known as Pushkar Mela. This fair take place in the lake of Pushkar. A large number of camel and cattle come to the fair and those are attraction of the fair. Rajasthani local people earn the money to sell their cattle and camels in the fair. Men buy the camel and cattle includes(horse, goat, buffalo). 
International tourists come to see the fair and enjoying with Indian culture. women buy clothes, bracelet and toys for their children.  Puskhar camel fair is held on November to December are dressed up and participated to camel race.
 It is very interesting and unforgettable moments. A main attraction of fair are camel race songs, exhibition etc. Men, Women and  Children come to fair and have a enjoyment of pushkar camel fair.
 Pilgrims come to festival and bathe in the Pushkar lake and free from their sins. Interesting things is that earth creator Bramha create the earth from Pushkar. That is why is too famous fair. It provides the popularity of India around the world. Really Rajasthan is famous for traditional fair like as Rajasthan Folk Fair and Pushkar Fair and  its culture.

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1 year ago

Hot Air Ballooning Karnataka

Hot Air Balloon Karnataka festival is an adventure and flying festival. It Organizes to encourage the Youth Generation for a adventure sports. It is very famous and favorite thrilling Sport.
In this festival big colorful balloon flying above the sky. As think that everyone is being free from tension. The  Government of Karnataka, India organizes the  Hot Air Balloon Festival. This is celebrated in three 
Cities  Hampi, Mysore and Bidar in Karnataka. Indian Government is very awared to manage the each activity which is essential for this festival. National and International people participate in the festival and take a adventure challenge. This is too favorite not in India but is favorite in international.Young generation excite when hot air balloon festival comes. Hot air balloon has a own important and gradually it is being more favorites.This is celebrated in south India for that south India is more famous in all over world. For that reason India tourism is growing day by day. 
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1 year ago

Travel India

Indian is known as diversity of country. There are different type of religious, people live together with calm and love. Therefore Indian has made its identity
in international world. There are so many places for holiday.These places provide the freshness and believe to live in life. Indian culture has special important not in India than all over world. International people follow the Indian culture. You can see this feature in the film. Indian cinema shows the Indian culture.
Now a days we are following the western culture, which is not beneficial for our young generation. In opposite western people follow the Indian culture in thee international movies.our government is striving to make India in top position. they are working in India tour and tourism and making layout for future India. so that too more tourist come in India and could know about India.Tourism is a infrastructure of country.If country has good tour and travel it means that country has a good infrastructure.International tourists to travel in India just because of they want to  like to know about Indian monuments and culture.Indian monument and places  is picturing in India movies. Conclusion is that Indian is most popular country all over world. 

1 year ago

Goa Sunburn Title

Goa Sunburn Festival is one of the big festival. It is celebrated on 27 December. In this festival there are lots of enjoyment and masti . It organizes at Candolim Beach. It has multiple type of songs and pop dance. People forget their tension and get feeling well. Special feature in this festival, imported wind serves to the people.

It creates a musical ambiance. International tourists eager to see this festival and they come to Goa India. This festival comes before from happy new year and come after Christmas. People reserve the seat before timing of this festival.People  this is a electronic dance music. Multiple artists perform simultaneously. This festival are combination of entertainment, food and masti. By this festival we farewell to present year and wait for new year. Indian Government contribute to organized Goa Sunburn Festival and as much as possible provides facilities.This time all hotels are booked.And major things that Goa Sunburn Festival promote the Goa tourism and create a huge revenue. So Government encourages to raises the opportunity for this festival.